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Koppi was founded in 2007 by the Swedish barista champions Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand. The roastery and coffee bar, situated in the heart of Helsingborg, offer coffee experiences out of the ordinary.
Our ambition is to be one of the best roasters in the world and our aim is always to buy, roast, brew and serve coffee from the worlds best coffee producers.

Read more on the Koppi website.

Yesterday evening Anne Lunell rounded off a quick tour of Ireland at Established Coffee in Belfast with conversation about Koppi and a tasting of their latest coffee offerings.

Anne had visited Lost & Found on Monday and Vice in Dublin on Sunday for similar events. The feedback from around the web on these events looked great. Last night was relaxed, informal and fun… the sun was out and amazing coffee was the focus of conversation so what could be bad about that.

A genuinely humble and friendly Anne told us about the growth of Koppi Fine Coffee Roasters and their focus on traceability and integrity. It’s always a super exciting experience to hear about the interest and growth in speciality coffee outside of Northern Ireland and, great for us to connect with other coffee people from around the world.

These types of events are great for speciality coffee in Ireland & Northern Ireland. Thanks again to Mark & Bridgeen as well as their staff team for the hospitality and passion for sharing speciality coffee.