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The Coffee

Coffee: Las Lajas
Origin: Finca Las Lajas Estates, Costa Rica
Varietal: Caturra and Catuai
Process: Semi-Washed
Roaster: Bewleys Coffee, Dublin.

The Roaster says…

The Bewleys Coffee project has already enjoyed a coffee from this wonderful farm back in January, the Las Lajas – black honey process. The Las Lajas farm boasts 7 different processes, each giving a unique flavour, complexity and clarity to the coffee.

The normal process of leaving 100% of the mucilage on all ‘levels” of honey is typical at Las Lajas. However, during our visit of early 2015 we were impressed with Oscar and Fracisca’s first trials of the semi-washed honey with only 25% of the mucilage still on the parchment. This gave clarity of flavour more associated with a washed coffee, but still with tremendous sweetness.

The phrase ‘Pura-Vida’ is a common greeting in Costa Rica and only really understood when you have experienced the ‘pure life’ of the climate. people and the environment. Although a smaller coffee producer than in the past, the industry has morphed into a hotbed of innovation and drive for quality.

Costa Rica Las Lajas is an organic micro mill located in Sabanilla de Alajuela in the Central Valley region of Costa rica. Las Lajas is known for being one of the first to process high-quality Honeys and Naturals in Central America – a direct influence of many of the stunning and non-typically processed coffees coming from that region.

Caramel sweetness that develops to tropical fruit and subtle cherry flavours with a soft balancing acidity.

How was it…


If you can imagine a cherry flavoured tea. Is there such a thing? By the time we had tasted this coffee brewed a few different ways, we had noticed the cherry notes almost every time and, always as it had cooled down nicely.

Fruity cherries but, delicate…

Before we arrived at the cherries though, we found the caramel sweetness to be elusive. Things were a little buttery but, also a bit leather-like which was odd. Maybe we were stuck in the half-way house of flavour between caramel sweetness and tropical fruit.

Does caramel sweetness morph into buttery leather before it becomes tropical fruit… erm? Probably not.


And then as it cooled, those sneaky subtle cherries fell onto our palette like the first few drops of welcome cool rain on a murky hot day.

Really though, the change in this coffee was so dramatic that it required the above turn of phrase.

We don’t always need to love every aspect of every coffee and, sometimes the changes in temperature and/or brew method provide us with all kinds of surprises. Same as it ever was eh?


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