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The Coffee

Coffee: Sasaba
Origin: Sasaba Washing Station, Ethiopia
Varietal: Mixed Heirloom
Process: Natural
Roaster: Bailies Coffee, Belfast.

The Roaster says…

Experience an intense aroma of dried berries and figs with pronounced hoppy notes, stone fruit acidity and a milk chocolate after-taste from this Ethiopian Coffee.

The red cherries are produced in the area surrounding the washing station and are collected from late September until December. Cherries are processed on-site and fermented for about 48-72 hours before they are placed on the drying beds for around 7-8 days. About 350-400 drying-beds are present at the washing station. The natural coffees are usually dried for 15-20 days. The average farmer selling to Sasaba own as few as 10 to 15 coffee trees.


How was it…

This coffee sat on our bench for a few days before we got around to opening the bag. By the time we opened it, we’d already seen a few comments around the web praising it’s qualities so, we were expectant.

It did not disappoint.

We would say it’s maybe one of the best coffees we have had so far this summer. We’ve not had much of a summer here in Northern Ireland when it comes to favourable weather and, if honest we have had a few lacklustre weeks with our coffee too. Nothing was dancing, nothing was exciting our taste buds.

You can usually trust an Ethiopian coffee to provide a bit of excitement.

The Ethiopia Sasaba Natural did just that.

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The berries delivered that expected fruity-ness that Ethiopian coffees are often known for but, the hoppy notes really grabbed us.

We’ve been enjoying some beautiful hoppy beers of late via Beerbods – if you like Beer, check them out – and this coffee was like a little glimpse of some of the finest hoppy beer we’ve tasted. A hint of bitterness that lingers… but not for too long!

The milky cocoa hit that followed was superb too but that fruity hoppy burst of flavour is what really made this coffee memorable for us. It was great cupped, in the V60 and in the Chemex, dancing with flavour every time and we also found this one really easy to dial in on the grinder, no fuss… just a super coffee!

You have to go get some, trust us!


At the time of writing you could still buy the Ethiopia Sasaba Natural from Bailies Coffee Belfast here. You can also sign up to receive a monthly single origin coffee from Bailies here.

Thanks folks, we really loved this coffee.