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Big Blackcurrants & Juicy Tomato

Kenya Mutheka Muthuaini AA 250g – Bailies Coffee Belfast – go get this coffee here.

Bailies say…

The sauvignon blanc of coffees, this intense offering with pronounced Kenyan attributes of black currant is well rounded despite its high citrus acidity. It’s full bodied with a caramel after-taste

We absolutely loved this coffee. I can’t remember the last time we got through a 250g bag so quickly. You have to try it. Ordinarily we would have written a review post specifically for this coffee but we had several coffees that we loved over the past few weeks and had to write a go get this coffee post to cover them all.

Totally Tropical Taste

El Salvador Finca Argentina Los Mangos – Washed Bourbon – 3Fe – go get this coffee here. [Or maybe at Established in Belfast]

Milk chocolate, tropical fruit bringing sweetness and balance.

This coffee is so well rounded but that tropical fruitiness is just a beautiful thing to have in the cup. We still have another bag of this to get through and it’s simply delicious.

Oooh we haven’t even got this to try

Elida Estate Natural, Wilford Lamastus – Cat & Cloud – go get this coffee here. [while retail stock lasts]

Ok, so this is a bit cheeky to recommend a coffee we don’t even have in the kitchen. We may not even get a chance to pick up a bag of this before it vanishes from the shelves at Established. They have a couple of coffees on bar and retail from Cat & Cloud this week and this Natural sounds like it is a real beauty. Go get this coffee if you are in Belfast…  but, hurry!

How d’ya like them Apples?

Herbazu Costa Rica – Square Mile – go get this coffee here

A distinct green apple flavour and acidity makes this a very vibrant coffee up front, and complimented with a fudge and raisin sweetness becomes a complete and deliciously balanced cup.

This is really lively. We love how clearly those green apples come through but the fudge, toffee sweetness added in makes this a really beautiful coffee.

If you’ve had any amazing coffees recently that you think we should know about, let us know via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.