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Costa Rica La Violeta

The Roaster says…

A pleasant aroma of nougat truffle with a hint of cinnamon turns into an incredibly sweet taste reminiscent of dark muscovado sugar with floral notes of magnolia blossom. After-taste of roasted hazelnuts in caramel.


A group of 14 families from the canton of Desamparados, south of San José, are producing coffee in a new processing centre, or beneficio, using sustainable procedures that have attracted them buyers from Japan, Taiwan, Switzerland, Australia and the United States.


The group created the Farmers Association of La Violeta de Desamparados (AGRIVID), and their processing involves environmentally friendly practices that allow them, for example, to use only 8 liters of water to process a 46-kilogram coffee sack. The group is growing various coffee varieties at 1,400-1,600 meters above sea level. “ours is not a large quantity operation, but very selective with lots of quality coffee, which allows us to place our coffee at very good prices both in domestic and international markets”AGRIVID member Gilbert Núñez said.


  •  Producer: AGRIVID
  •  Process: White Honey
  •  Altitude: 1600 – 1750 masl (metres above sea level).
  •  Botanical variety: Caturra, Catuai.


The Coffee Dump…


We open a bag of fresh coffee and inhale deeply… the aroma always sparks a reaction. We’ve said this before most likely.

And then we weigh, grind and smell again. Then this….

I think I hear the wooosh noise when we dump coffee into the filter just before the brew happens. Just the woosh, no voices… yet! And yes yes, we know some of you were thinking of something else when you saw the words “the coffee dump.”


Brown Sugar, how come you taste so good…


The aroma was amazing but this coffee was tasting even more amazing today. Spicy but sweet. Bold and fruity. Floral.

We’ve talked a lot about balance over the past couple of years and this coffee has that balance, the kind we love. A lovely after-taste rounds this off so so well and right down to when we had a mouthful of cold coffee left in the cup, it was still delicious and nutty.

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Costa Rica La Violeta