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Ethiopia Burka Silinga

The Coffee

This washed Yirgacheffe coffee delivers forest fruit and peach sweetness; medium bodied, with citrus acidity with hints of lemon peel and elderflower

The burka Silinga washing station receives coffee cherry from approximately five-hundred farmers in the area. The average farm size in this part of yirgacheffe is only two hectares, on which, in addition to coffee, maize and produce is also grown for the market and the family. The cherry is delivered to the washing station and processed using the traditional washed method (see ther’i) with a forty-eight hour fermentation time. The parchment-covered coffee is then sun-dried on over one hundred drying tables. A lagoon next to the washing station has been built to filtrate and clean the processing water. The washed method is water intensive and cleaning the water to enable re-use is paramount for all washing stations.

  • Mill: Burka Silinga
  • Location: Harenja (Yirgacheffe)
  • Process: Washed
  • Varietal: Wolisho, Kurme, Dega
  • Altitude: 1850-1900masl

At the time of writing you could still buy this coffee from Bailies Coffee in Belfast here.

What we thought

It’s a Yirgacheffee. I’ve never had a Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a good roaster that wasn’t great, memorable or interesting.

You expect fruitiness of some kind with the Yirgacheffe and, in this case the lemon peel and elderflower thing reminded me of the summer we didn’t really get in Northern Ireland this year. When I think of herbal tea I always say, mmm I’m not really a fan but if it’s light…  not too over pronounced or bold… just light and refreshing, then I can get on board with that. This coffee reminded me of the very best herbal teas I have had. Fresh, enjoyable to drink but distinct enough to hold your attention and definitely not like a bad drink you endure to cure a flu.

We chemex most coffee nowadays, occasionally making a V60 or Aeropress but, sometimes a coffee is just so good that you don’t want to veer off the grind size and the brew that you nailed so well. In this case, we kept it chemex, all 250g of this beautiful tasting coffee.

As soon as I’d finished the bag I caught a nasty head cold/sinus thing and now I can’t  taste or smell coffee…. how’s that!

Go get some while it lasts….