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The Coffee

Location: Set up in 2006, the Tarime CPU is located in the north of Tanzania in the Mara district. We source from cooperatives and producers with whom we will continue to work year on year. In this way we will guarantee the quality of coffee washing, traceability and long term relationships with Tanzania washing stations (known as Central Processing Units ‐ CPU). We bypass the Tanzania Coffee Exchange: the CPUs obtain a better price for their coffee in return for their efforts in terms of quality, traceability and a long term partnership.

Fully washed:  After harvesting, the ripe cherries are brought to the CPU by the farmers, before removing the pulp by the wet process. After pulping, the coffee is fermented overnight, then washed, cleaned and graded. After washing, the parchments are dried on African beds. Drying takes between 7 and 20 days depending on climatic conditions. The most commonly grown varietal is the traditional N39.

Country: Tanzania
Mill: Tarime CPU
Coffee Varieties: N39
Processing Type: Fully Washed

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What we thought

Floral like a spring garden in bloom. There’s a picnic and a pot of jam, it’s dark. Blackcurrants. Sweet.

Sometimes when we cup a coffee or brew up something that’s new, we just say words loudly and make mmmm and ahhh noises. Sometimes I picture a scene or a place. That’s what flavours and smells do right? They transport us to somewhere else.

I love the dark fruit and blackcurrant flavours in this coffee. Sometimes the dark fruit notes can be a bit too overbearing in coffee but, if you nail the brew accurately here, you should enjoy a lovely sweet jammy flavour across your tongue. We thought; figs as the coffee began to cool down… sweet figs. I usually put some berries into my porridge for breakfast and then add some honey, this coffee is as close to that flavour combination as I’ve had. The acidity of the berries is noticeable but it’s caressed by the smooth porridge and the sweet honey… wait, I’m talking about porridge when I should be talking about coffee!

You get the idea though.

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