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Bailies coffee belfast

La Florencia, sister farm of Santo Tomás, was founded by Antonio Martínez and together they are the most recognized and productive farms in the whole region. He believed in growing Bourbon and Typica varieties because they produce the best taste profile if they are grown with care. But Martínez kept all knowledge of his techniques to himself, and so after he passed away the current owner Isaura had to learn everything for herself. For several years the farms suffered, but eventually Isaura learned how to grow the coffee with the care that the Bourbon and Typica require and restored the previous reputation of La Florencia and Santo Tomás farms. Across the two farms she now employs 15 people who are all committed and passionate about growing speciality coffee.

Country: Honduras
Farm: Finca La Florencia
Region: Opatoro, La Paz
Harvest Months: December – April
Coffee Varieties: Red bourbon, Typica
Processing Type: Washed

We opened this coffee on Sunday morning and wow-eeeeee, what a lovely Sunday morning mood it helped to kickstart. This smells so incredibly sweet, like syrup. Sticky sweet syrup. We can’t get enough of that experience when you open a new bag, smell, weigh, grind, smell…. oooh. Aaaah.

Then the cup. This was all sweetness at first… the tasting notes from Bailies said muscovado sugar. That’s about right we thought. Brown, dark, sweet with a little of that dark treacle goodness you expect in muscovado.

As the coffee cooled, we noticed it mellow out and evolve into a lighter fruity vibe. Lovely stuff.

You can pick up some from Bailies Coffee here.


On a side note, we know, we know. We haven’t blogged all summer but we were super thankful for the time off to refuel, re-think and re-charge. We definitely drank some great coffees this summer and were able to visit a few of the newer shops that have opened this year, as well as old favourites.

If you’re still following on social media, commenting, sharing and connecting with us we are really grateful. Thank you, thank you.

And… onwards.