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Enticing floral notes of jasmine and cedar add to a sweet cup with flavours of whitecurrants and raspberries. A lovely soft mouthfeel carries a perfumed finish.


Producer Chelelectu Washing Station
Harvest January, 2016
Process Fully Washed & Dried on Raised Beds
Variety Ethiopian Heirloom
Region Kochere, Yirgacheffe
Country Ethiopia
Altitude 1,900 metres
Arrival June, 2016

One of the most exciting tasting coffees we have had for a long time. From Workshop Coffee…. get it here.

We are three. Weighing up the future


It’s three years since we started this blog and the corresponding social media accounts… first things first, follow us if you aren’t already.


Birthdays cause me to stop and weigh up the future, even though those considerations tend to never last very long. I seriously thought about listing all of the ‘coffee ni ideas’ we have written down, got excited about and then not acted upon since 2014. That’s probably not a very productive thing to do so we will spare you all the laughs.

Truthfully though, I have not been the best blogger I could have been, opting instead to just post images to Instagram or share articles/info that others have worked hard on. I still firmly believe that coffee professionals should be writing/saying more about their industry. Elsewhere around the world they are doing just that… but, not so much here in Northern Ireland. Maybe that will change in the future but for now, people talking about coffee and starting blogs tend to be home enthusiasts like me. That’s ok as well I guess but, I think it curbs my enthusiasm a little and halts me from talking about certain things.

It is what it is…

So, the initial hype of “wow, we have speciality coffee in Northern Ireland” has settled down a bit now, even though people will continue to discover great coffee if the standard remains high in local shops… we hope. We think.

We are excited for the continuing development and growth of speciality coffee, excellent food and service in Northern Ireland.

Thanks to everyone who follows the Instagram feed – you can see it on the bottom of this page now.

Thanks to Bailies who still send us amazing coffee.

Most of all, thanks to the farmers, importers, exporters, roasters, coffee shop owners, chefs and baristas who have helped us enjoy food and coffee in new and exciting ways in the past three years.



If you work in coffee here in Northern Ireland and would like to share your story or have ideas for an article, please get in touch via social media or you can email me direct at: supersimbo[at]gmail[dot]com

We’d love to hear from you.

Christmas, coffee & books

Over the Christmas and New Year holiday period we had plenty of time to re-charge and switch off from work. We enjoyed lots of delicious coffee and beautiful food too. We are super thankful for the great options we have on our doorstep for tasty food and coffee now. Here’s a glimpse of some coffee related highlights…

The always spectacular eggs benedict at Lost & Found

Eggs benedict at Lost & Found Coleraine

Coffee at Lost & Found coleraine

Amazing Christmas gift of the World Aeropress Championship Annual. It’s really beautiful…

World Aeropress championship annual

World Aeropress championship annual

World Aeropress championship annual

World Aeropress championship annual

World Aeropress championship annual


El Limoncillo from Hasbean… great this year again!!

El Limoncillo from Hasbean

And last but by no means least, the Christmas Blend from Bailies Coffee in Belfast.

Christmas Blend from Bailies Coffee Belfast

And, like that… we are back!


Guatemala El Limonar Bailies Coffee Belfast


EL Limonar farm is located in the mountains of Huehuetenango. The land was acquired by Rogelio Aguirre Gálvez in 1955 and he named the farm El Injerto. Today the farm is run by the third generation of the Aguirre family. Rogelio Junior was raised on the farm and taught how to take care of it and produce exceptional coffee. Bailies lot is called ‘El Comedor’ and it’s a Bourbon variety from the highest point of the farm. The name El Comedor, meaning the diner, comes from Rogelio’s childhood when his teacher would take him on educational walks through the farm. They would start around 5am and after reaching the top of the farm, they would have breakfast there on the same spot which has the best view and produces the best coffee. This lot won them 7th place in Cup of Excellence (CoE) 2013 and 12th place in national winners this year.

You know an apple pie that’s sweet but not too sweet… with enough tartness from the apples combined with the buttery crumbly crusty pastry. Delicious. Perfect on a cold October day and just the right amount of comfort as winter approaches.

That’s this coffee.

I didn’t taste any pineapple… ha. I felt cheated for a moment but damn. pineapple is for summer… how about that apple pie again!

You can pick up some of this coffee from Bailies here. You totally should.

– sketched/painted on the iPad Pro using the Apple pencil.

Marimira AA from Workshop Coffee

Workshop Coffee

Tonnes of juicy rhubarb and raspberry flavours cut through a clean and sparkling cup, complemented by a distinct hoppy aroma and a lightly jammy texture.

Get it here.

– sketched/paint on the iPad Pro using Apple pencil.