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La Florencia Honduras Bailies Coffee Belfast

Bailies coffee belfast

La Florencia, sister farm of Santo Tomás, was founded by Antonio Martínez and together they are the most recognized and productive farms in the whole region. He believed in growing Bourbon and Typica varieties because they produce the best taste profile if they are grown with care. But Martínez kept all knowledge of his techniques to himself, and so after he passed away the current owner Isaura had to learn everything for herself. For several years the farms suffered, but eventually Isaura learned how to grow the coffee with the care that the Bourbon and Typica require and restored the previous reputation of La Florencia and Santo Tomás farms. Across the two farms she now employs 15 people who are all committed and passionate about growing speciality coffee.

Country: Honduras
Farm: Finca La Florencia
Region: Opatoro, La Paz
Harvest Months: December – April
Coffee Varieties: Red bourbon, Typica
Processing Type: Washed

We opened this coffee on Sunday morning and wow-eeeeee, what a lovely Sunday morning mood it helped to kickstart. This smells so incredibly sweet, like syrup. Sticky sweet syrup. We can’t get enough of that experience when you open a new bag, smell, weigh, grind, smell…. oooh. Aaaah.

Then the cup. This was all sweetness at first… the tasting notes from Bailies said muscovado sugar. That’s about right we thought. Brown, dark, sweet with a little of that dark treacle goodness you expect in muscovado.

As the coffee cooled, we noticed it mellow out and evolve into a lighter fruity vibe. Lovely stuff.

You can pick up some from Bailies Coffee here.


On a side note, we know, we know. We haven’t blogged all summer but we were super thankful for the time off to refuel, re-think and re-charge. We definitely drank some great coffees this summer and were able to visit a few of the newer shops that have opened this year, as well as old favourites.

If you’re still following on social media, commenting, sharing and connecting with us we are really grateful. Thank you, thank you.

And… onwards.


All the coffee-ness in Dublin this week

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Sadly we won’t be heading to Dublin this week for World of Coffee and all the other events surrounding it. Sorry Dublin!

This is an absolutely huge event, the biggest in the coffee-world. It’s already in full swing and, a glance at social media is enough to show that so far, it looks amazing!

Useful info…

Here are a few links that we thought were helpful.

Established have created this brilliant guide for people visiting Ireland who may want to travel up north. It just about covers everything you need to know about coffee right now in Northern Ireland. And, if Mark or Bridgeen say it, then it’s good!!

3fe created a similar kind of guide for Dublin and the surrounding area to help people get the best info on where to go, stay, eat and party etc etc. See that here.

Want to watch the World Barista Championships on the livestream? Go here.

Also, if you keep an eye on the Bailies Coffee Twitter & Instagram accounts to see what a local roaster gets up to at an event like this.

See ya in August

We are on a bit of an extended summer break now until August and will dip in & out of social media from time to time so see ya then. Have a super July!

Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship


June 1st 2016, see’s the return of Northern Ireland AeroPress Championship! This years the event is in the Black Box, in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter. It’s a really special year for coffee enthusiasts in Ireland, as the World AeroPress Championship is being held in Dublin later in June as part of the global event World of Coffee. Thousands of coffee professionals and enthusiasts will descend upon Dublin to compete in various competitions and to take part in many different coffee related events. It will be caffeine induced mayhem!

But how about that poster eh for the Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship ? Great work from local lads Glenn Kennedy & Tim Farrell.

As always, the Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship is free entry for spectators. Alongside the competition, there will be beer from Boundary Brewing, the Belfast debut of the Picture Bus as well as great music & we’ll be sure to squeeze some coffee in there somewhere! Competitors, bring your fan clubs…fan clubs, bring the noise!

To register for spectator tickets & get more info go here.

Last years Northern Ireland Aeropress Championship winner was Ballymena’s very own Jonathan Hickinson from Middletown Coffee Co. The winner goes forward to compete for Northern Ireland at the World Aeropress Championship. A few of the Middletown staff will compete this year along with lots of other coffee professionals and enthusiasts from around Northern Irelands growing coffee scene.

This years event promises to be great fun. Check out their updates here to keep up with latest info about the event.

Ecuador Las Tolas

Bailies Coffee Belfast

The Coffee

In the heart of the Chocó Andin, one of the planet’s 7 biodiversity hotspots, the Las Tolas estate is the result of a project built with passion and a desire for excellence. Located in the Andean foothills at 1700m altitude, the estate has been managed by Arnaud Causse since 2004. Arnaud has planted coffee plants outside traditional growing zones, where the terroir enjoys a unique environment. Under the shade of wild service trees, banana trees and mango trees, the cherries ripen slowly in optimal conditions to enhance the aromatic potential after roasting.


Every year, at harvest time, the locals living near the plantation carefully select and collect the best cherries. The cherries are then placed in water baths to extract any unripe coffee beans. After this first stage, the parchments submerged in water for fermentation, after which they are dried naturally under the sun. This stage also allows the beans to preserve their aromatic quality.


Estate: Las Tolas
Varietal(s): Caturra, pacas
Processing: Washed
Altitude: 1700 masl
Owner: Arnaud Causse

You can buy this coffee from Bailies here

What we thought

Last week we had summer. It’s probably all gone now. One week in May! We didn’t even have time to eat lots of ice-cream…. vanilla, huge scoops of vanilla ice-cream. This coffee had sweet vanilla bouncing out of the bag like an ice-cream in the face. Sweet sweet lovely summer smell.

Today we took the coffee along to Middletown Coffee Co to add it into their Friday cupping table. Every Friday at 12.15 they set out a selection of coffees for a public cupping and, we’ve occasionally dropped in another coffee that we’ve been enjoying, just for fun.

Las Tolas really leapt out among some other very fine coffees today. The dark fruity flavours punched through and made a few of us say “ooooh” and “aahhhhhh” and “fruiiiiity.” That balance between fruity-ness and nuttiness is a treat. We had already made a few brews in the Chemex at home and were tasting lots of hazlenuts at first but a more balanced flavour as it cooled down.

This was a really delicious tasting coffee and, I think maybe the first coffee we have ever had from Ecuador. I think.

Go get some!